Tuesday, October 27, 2009

An Interesting Year....

I haven't tended this "supposed blog but really knitting diary" because life has been full, to say the least. When did I have time to knit all this? (answer: late at night when I should be sleeping)

Lots of new projects to show off (details on Ravelry under JaneJetson):

The Lady Eleanor Entrelac Stole - Noro Silk Garden 252

A sweater for the Spencer

I used the Sweater Wizard software to generate this pattern. I choose a motif from the book “Knitting in the Old Way” by Priscilla A. Gibson-Roberts.
I did not carry the motif all the way around the sweater. To do this: drop your CC at the end of the first row of the motif and knit with your MC back to the beginning of the motif, knit the motif MC stitches and slip the CC stitches. When you get to the end of the motif where your CC yarn is sitting, turn your work and use the CC to purl the slipped stitches to finish the second row of motif. Now your CC is at the beg of the motif -leave it there and pick up your MC and knit around to the beg of the motif. Cont in this manner until you finish your motif.

A sweater for me

The "Hemlock Ring" = a doily upsized to a blanket

The Mitered L Wrap

The Heathered Hoodie Vest

Stained Glass Windows Blanket

Another mini-Clapotis scarf:

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