Thursday, September 22, 2005

The Swan and Dolphin, one of our favorite places! Posted by Picasa


Chris said...

Funny that it's a favorite place of yours -- It's a least fav place of mine. One of my last years before retiring, I went to a very good professional conference, run by a group I really like, for 10 days, two weeks before Christmas. Bad time to be away and very bad venue. Being stuck at the Dolphin for 10 days, eating Mickey food, and trying to reconcile the pink and tourquoise amid red and green holiday decorations was way too much for me!

Karen Lynn said...

Hi and Welcome - you are the first to comment on my blog!
Disney is definitely not for everyone - I have found that people either love it or hate it. Many of my relatives love Vegas but for me it is like the Swan and Dolphin is for you!